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JHUI Australia

Open to everyone (not just music teachers), the Australian JHUI Institute is held in the picturesque Newcastle City Hall in Newcastle, Australia. It is currently the only JHUI Teacher Certification Program in Australasia.

2016/17 JHUI Institute Dates:
Level 1
- October 15-16, 2016
Level 2 - October 17-18, 2016
Level 3 - October 19-20, 2016

Learning, Sharing and Community

A JHUI Teacher Certification Institute is a place of learning, sharing and community. At the Newcastle JHUI Institute you'll enjoy world-class teacher development workshops with James Hill, have the chance to share your knowledge with others, and connect with a community of like-minded people. Click here for a detailed program overview or scroll down for an Australia-specific program timeline.

Please note: Your student login (which gives you access to Phase 2 enrichment assignments and tutorial videos) will be activated immediately after your Phase 1 Institute.

JHUI Australia Program Timeline (Current for 2016/17)

The timeline for the JHUI Australia program is independent of those in Canada and Asia. Below is the current year outline for the Australian program (all three levels follow the same schedule):

October - JHUI Instutite held in Newcastle, Australia  
November - Phase 2 begins
- Assignment 1
December   - Assignment 2
January   - Assignment 3
February - Web Lecture 1 available - Assignment 4
March   - Assignment 5
April   - Assignment 6
May - Web Lecture 2 available - Assignment 7
June   - Assignment 8
July   - Assignment 9
August - August 1st: Early-bird deadline for next year's registration!

- Phase 3 begins
- Web Lecture 3 available

- Written Test
- Submission of Performance Recordings
- Submission of Portfolio
September - Grades posted
- Portfolio Review Session

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I have to submit all monthly assignments?
A: No. Monthly assignments are for your personal practise and development. Only the written test, performance recordings and teaching portfilo must be submitted.

Q: How many Web Lectures will there be and when will they be available?
A: There will be four Web Lectures over the course of the program year: three regular lectures (one every three months) and one Portfolio Review Session at the end of the program year. You will receive an email notification when each Web Lecture is released.

Q: Where can I find the official repertoire lists for my year-end performance recordings?
A: Repertoire lists can be found in the online proram materials (login here). Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the heading "Phase 3: Assessment and Completion." Click on the link "Performance Recording: Details."




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