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Teacher Certification Program:
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Here's what students are saying about the JHUI Teacher Certification program.

Why are you taking the JHUI Teacher Certification Program?

"I’ve been teaching school music for over 20 years and I’d like to try something a little different in my program. Ukulele in the Classroom is so user-friendly; it works for me."

- Marianne

"I teach mostly a computerized piano methodology in class but in a lot of my schools I’d like to spice it up a little bit. Piano is very individual whereas ukulele is very much a group activity... it’s very social."

- Jamie

"I really see the potential of the ukulele as a teaching instrument. Certification is a great way to get more techniques for teaching."

- Eve

What's The Best Part of the Teacher Certification Program?

"My favourite part is seeing James in action. You get a little bit of James through the book but seeing that come to life - the way he actually teaches and the little tips he gives - it's really inspirational for me."

- Lauren

"Even the first little exercise that we did at the Institute with James... it was challenging but it was really deeply satisfying to have people playing four or five different parts... it was sweet!"

- Tom

"Being provided with a huge number of practical ways to vary activities that can be applied to new situations. And having opportunities to play/practise the ideas in class not just hear about them."
- Jennifer

"The wealth of information, collegial atmosphere, and the overall fun!"
- Jim

"Seeing and hearing first-hand the thinking behind the books and learning the strategies for presenting the material - so many great ideas!"
- Angela

"Everything was great... James is a master teacher and kept me engaged the whole time."
- Caroline

"It doesn't seem like hard work when I am having so much fun. I don't even have to schedule time to practice as I can't keep my hands off the instrument. Hard work, yes. Enjoyable, even more! "
- Allison

"Realizing more fully the huge body of work, experience, and expertise that has gone into the creation of this program, and knowing that this body of work is there to support me in my ukulele teaching."
- Jonathan
Level 2 Certified Teacher David McKeen works with students in the UC/DC (Ukulele Club of Dawson Creek).

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